ProCoat is an excellent material for water proofing bridge decks and for protecting structures.Segment of rail way steel bridge internally coated with ProCoat.

The unique combination of corrosion, wear and sound protection has promoted ProCoat to be the recommended coating system on railway steel bridges acc. to BRO-2004 (Bridge-2004). The only coating lasting the tough environment with high thermal and dynamic stress in combination with water, vibrations and abrasion from gravel due to heavy traffic. ProCoat will last during the whole technical life span of the coated object. Bridges have been coated both in Norway, Sweden and Finland since 1987, and the ProCoat coating is still in excellent condition.

By taking advantage of the three ProCoat properties, rails can be made quiter, sitence the noise reduction from traffic can be up to 10dB by using ProCoat. Road inspection lids can have a layer of ProCoat attached to them, a layer thatConcrete Light house detail were ProCoat serves as a water seal protects against corrosion and sound, a coating that also serves as a seal, preventing the lid from moving and therefore the lid last longer.

ProCoat has beside its proven corrosive, elastic and sound protective properties also found its ways as a very good electrical insulation material. In Sweden the last named property saves money to Banverket the company managing the Swedish railroad network. During reinforcement and maintenance of older roadbeds, the over all distance in-between electrical high voltage leads and bridge installation decrease. By coating the bridge structure with ProCoat the electrical safety distance may be lowered with out the need for expensive bridge re-constructions.
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