Marine Applications

ProCoat is diffusion resistant to both water and oxygen and therefore it is an excellent durable coating for a wide variety of substrates such as G.R.P and other polymeric surfaces or where severe cases of cavitation occur. ProCoat forms a flexible coating that absorb the energy caused by bubbles that collapse and literately grinds away material on rudders, propellers, shafts and other parts expelled to turbulent water and fluids. ProCoat absorbs the energy released and therefore protects the coated material.

ProCoat has an excellent adhesion to Polyester or Glass fibre. Therefore ProCoat is very useful in applications where rubber details are to be attached or mounted directly to the ships hull or deck. By adopting a form directly to the ships hull, fenders and other similar details can be moulded directly to the hull.

By using ProCoat for moulding ships details. The main problem areas are wear, corrosion, anti-slip and cavitations. ProCoat is among many applications, used on: Decks and hulls, Buoys, Anchors, Propeller shafts and axle bearings, Rudders, Fenders, Quay berths, Ballast. Landing bridges.
ProCoat has been successfully being used both for new construction and maintenance, in the mercantile marines of the world, on passenger ferries and in military naval activities.
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