Technical Data Sheet

ProCoat 1010 is a two component rubber modified polyurethane designed to be used as a heavy duty corrosion and wear protecting material. By combining rubber and polyurethane ProCoat forms a unique recipe designed for coating steel, wood, plywood, plastic and concrete constructions both in water and above. ProCoat 1010 is completely watertight and thereby safe to use as a protection against corrosion and wear. ProCoat has been tested and is documented safe to use in both acid and alkali environments.

ProCoat consists of specially treated rubber, mainly from recycled car tyres and other re-newable ingredients.

Technical data

Polyester with a special iso- cyanate combined setting agent.


Solvent free

1.07 (mixed product)

5400 Ns/m2 CPS/20°C Mixed product

Dry content:
Weight 100 % Volume 100 %

Film thickness:
3-10 mm depending on object and surface structure

Theoretical coverage:
1 kg / mm / m2

Curing time ( 23oC, 65 %Rh, 2 mm thickness):
Surface dry: 1,5 h
Manageable: 2,0 h
Fully cured: 5 days
Highest adhesive strength after 20 days

Red, Green, Gray and Black

Base 12 months, setting agent 6 months if container is not opened. Both components need to be stirred before use. Store container in door inside. Setting agent sensitive to moisture.

Health Setting agent contain Iso-Cyanate-MDI. Handle accordingly to health regulations Please see separate. Health and safety data sheet


Sand blaster acc. to SIS 05 59 00, Sa 2.5 Use recommended steel primer.

Concrete, Wood:
Surface should always be sand blasted.

Blasterd or cleaned in such a way that all Loose fragment or deposits are removed. The concrete has to be fully cured and of good quality.

Damaged areas should be repaired. The surface needs to be dry and cleaned from dust and particles.

Mixing ratio:
Base : Setting agent Weight 2,8:1 (100:36 %).

Pot life:
20 min @ 23oC. 4 min @ 50oC.

Coating interval:
Max 1 h ( 2 mm thickness 23°C)
After this time the surface may need to be rugged and cleaned

ProCoat cleaner or Jotun Tynner 17.

Applic. Equipment:
Seal-O-Matic 120, 121 alt 122 and Wiwa.
Smaller areas by hand.

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