ProCoat is used on boxes and different body components mounted on trains where it then protects components from stone chips and gravel. A layer of ProCoat absorbs the impact energy.

Boogie components in the Shinkansen train system in Japan has a ProCoat surface, mainly to protect against corrosion and wear but also as an anti-ice coating. The flexibleAs a result of low friction the pay load (paper rolls) has been moving around during transportation. ProCoat rubber base prevents ice and snow build up, vibrations from the train and speed in its self is enough to de-ice components. Similar benefits are seen on trains in the Nordic countries.

Friction is one of the components named together with rubber, by coating a carriage wagon floor with ProCoat the friction helps securing the payload. See one example in picture below. Paper rolls where placed on a normal floor, markings where made before and afterVehicle used for transporting horses. Floor is coated with ProCoat to protect from acid (animal urine) and wear. transportation.

An increasing problem is seen in refuse collecting vehicles where the bottom plates quickly corrodes though today’s refuse is more acid. A successful solution to this problem is to use ProCoat which prolong lifetime for the vehicle, offering a wear resistant corrosion protection.
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